VetPay has been supporting the industry for more than 10 years. We want to assure you that during these adverse times, we are committed to providing assistance for you and your clients in anyway we can.

What are Animal Emergency Services (AES) doing about COVID-19?

Dr Gerardo Poli, Director at AES, shares some of his up-to-date findings on how we can better deal with these times and keep our community safe. We trust this practical advice will help you, your staff and everyone with whom you come into contact.

Three ways to look after you

Uncertainty easily causes us to feel overwhelmed on many levels. We trust this message prompts you to consider the steps you’re taking to look after yourself:

  • physically
  • emotionally
  • financially.

Don’t forget to consider all three steps to keep yourself healthy – for you and also so you can be there for others. Here are some messages to help.

Stay positive

Here’s a great message from Tyson, vet nurse from The Vet Nurse Project, who says: “I focus on what I can change and what I can do for my patients. Our clients are worried and scared and are seeking our advice for their pets. We have the opportunity to provide peace of mind and clear expectations of interactions and still maintain our level of care and personal safety.

Stress relief tips

Throughout our many years of being in business we have spoken to many professionals in the industry about stress relief. These helpful tips and advice still apply today.

Keep your distance

The world is being forced to change in these unknown times. This includes our vet clinics. We have done some research and asked around how other vet clinics are dealing with these times. Here is some of the advice to help you, your staff and everyone with whom you come into contact.

Can your pets catch COVID-19

Much is still unknown how pets and animals can be effected by the COVID-19 virus. This important Update from the AVA President was written on the 28th March 2020 and discusses case found. However, this is still very rare. The AVA President has produced a video you can share with your clients. You can also read the whole report  and see key messages here